Podcast Interview of Dr. Kapil Kella on Always Andersonville

Podcast Interview of Dr. Kapil Kella on Always Andersonville

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September 23, 2019

Dr. Kapil Kella was recently interviewed for a podcast! He was featured on Always Andersonville: The Podcast. Always Andersonville highlights local and independent businesses in Andersonville, a neighborhood that is located just north of downtown Chicago. We pride ourselves on shopping locally here in Andersonville, and we’re known as the “shop local capital of Chicago.”

The hosts of the podcasts, Laura and Sara, noted how Lakeshore Dental Studio is a relatively new business in town, but they wanted to bring in Dr. Kapil Kella because his dental practice already feels like a part of the neighborhood. Dr. Kella gives listeners insights into his day-to-day life, like what shows he’s watching on Netflix and where he likes to go to get a good workout in. He also delves into what drives him as a dentist, why he decided to get into dentistry originally, and how he “wants to rid the world of plaque.”

You can also learn about Dr. Kella’s charitable work! He gives free consultations and dental work to the lucky winner of his online sweepstakes.

Dr. Kella also breaks it down for the Andersonville locals: Swedish fish, while great tasting, aren’t that great for your teeth!

You can listen or subscribe to the podcast here.

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