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Anxiety-Free Dentistry in Andersonville

We understand that some patients feel intimidated by dental appointments. At Lakeshore Dental Studio, Dr. Kella and our team are compassionate and comforting, and we offer anxiety-free dentistry with sedation. If you think that sedation will make your visit with us more enjoyable, contact us today to learn more and discuss your options.

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Stay Safe and Comfortable

Sedation helps eliminate anxiety and makes it easier for you to get dental treatment
We offer both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation
Sedation may also be right for you if you have a low pain threshold, strong gag reflex, or are undergoing multiple lengthy dental treatments
Our goal at Lakeshore Dental Studio is always to provide you with a comfortable, relaxed, and non-intimidating dental environment

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas encourages a feeling of euphoria when it is inhaled. It also acts as a pain reliever (analgesic), so you will stay comfortable throughout your entire treatment. It’s administered through a nose mask in controlled doses, allowing you to relax during your entire dental appointment.

One of the biggest benefits of laughing gas is that it does not reduce your level of consciousness and it wears off within about 5 minutes. This means you will be able to drive yourself home from your appointment. Most patients are even able to return to work.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is typically taken in pill form about an hour before your appointment. Compared to laughing gas, its effects are much more pronounced. You will feel drowsy and sleepy, and may even fall asleep during your procedure.

Because the side effects of oral conscious sedation usually last about 4-6 hours, you will not be able to go back to your day-to-day activities right away, and you can’t drive yourself home from your appointment. This means that it’s important to plan ahead and arrange a ride home after your treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

Anxiety-free dentistry with sedation allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed during your dental appointment. Combined with numbing, it ensures you do not feel anything during your procedure.
With anxiety-free dentistry, you can:

  • Easily sit still and relax during a long dental appointment.
  • Feel more comfortable while Dr. Kella works on your back teeth as your gag reflex will be diminished.
  • Get a healthier mouth by easing your dental anxiety.

Am I A Good Candidate For Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

As long as you are healthy, are not taking any medications that could interfere with sedation, and do not have a history of drug use, you are a good candidate for anxiety-free dentistry. Contact us for a consultation today! 

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Elizabeth Hathaway

"I've seen Dr. Kella a few times to get a crown and have some cavities filled. After my first visit, he and his staff were up front about the work I would need done and how much it would cost. There were no financial surprises. He and his staff are friendly and professional. My appointments always start on time. The quality of the dental work has been excellent as well. I also feel the office is managing COVID concerns and precautions well. They have it coordinated so that I'm not running into other patients in the waiting room or hallway. They take my temperature, provide hand sanitizer, and do a pre-appt questionnaire. I would absolutely recommend this office!"



Melissa DeCoster

"Love our Dentist! They do such a good job. Also if your a little squeamish about going to the dentist this is the place for you! They have a TV on the ceiling and will play anything you want on Netflix. Then when they prop you back up they resume your show, quickest cleaning ever. Doctor is great, he is attentive and personable. Would highly recommend."

Nick Meredith

"Top Notch all the way. They really try to get to know you, the environment is completely Covid safe, everyone is insanely friendly. I'm not a fan of getting my teeth worked on but I'm less stressed coming here."

Andrea U

"Everyone is so friendly, very professional and so much fun. I feel the warm vibe of the office the minute I walk through the door. Going to the dentist isn’t always fun but knowing you have caring folks around you makes the trip so much better."

Sherman Lai

"One of the most inviting, kind, and comfortable dentist practices I’ve ever been to!  The place is super clean and bright! They even have an art show on display!"

Rick Kulovits

"During COVID-19, his concern for his patients safety is number one. He assures every precaution is taking to protect us along with his staff. He is the best!"
Rick K.

Angela Koch

"A very pleasant experience every time I go to this dental practice. Very friendly and informative staff. Taking care of all COVID precautions as well"

Alissa melissa

"Fantastic experience.. from coVid safety measures to painless anesthetic everything was great.."

Natalie Lewis

"This office meets all the standards I look for in a Dental practice. Everyone is friendly, upfront and they run this office with integrity. I am so happy this is my dental home! Thank you and keep it up 😊"

Tracy M.

"Moved to the area about a year ago and was looking for a new dentist. Great attention, lovely environment and wonderful service. BONUS...  I highly recommend this NEW dental office and Dr. Kella and his staff"

Katie B.

"I had a great experience with Dr. Kella and all of his staff. They are so nice, friendly, thorough, and accommodating!! I loved the space and the ability to watch any Netflix show during my visit. Would recommend to anyone!"

Diane Chon

"Dr. Kella and his staff are amazing! They’re very welcoming and accommodating. Each step is explained to you throughout the appointment so that you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a new dentist!"

Robert o.

"Never afraid to see this doctor. He is very kind and gentle with his dental work. I am not a fan of being numbed up and he respects that and works amazingly around it for me."

Megan o.

"This office is just amazing with kids. My little one can’t wait for her next appointment with Dr. Kella!"

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