All You Need To Know About Anxiety-Free Dentistry

By Lakeshore Dental Studio

Most people find dental visits tolerable. Others are terrified of dental appointments. Without it, dental anxiety may seem strange or silly. You know how severe dental phobias can be if you have them. Several solutions can help someone with severe dental phobia get through an appointment. Our dentists at Lakeshore Dental Studio have provided all the information on dental anxiety in this blog. 

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is of two types. Fear of the dentist causes intense discomfort. People with dental fears avoid appointments unless they’re in pain. Even if they’re in pain, they won’t make an appointment.

Dental fears and phobias can prevent dental care. In a cruel twist, lack of preventative maintenance can increase dental chair time. If oral health problems worsen, dental surgery may be needed.

Consult a Dentist in Chicago

A small but essential step toward overcoming dental anxiety. Tell your dentist your fears. People with dental anxiety sometimes feel silly or unimportant. That’s not right. Your dentist can only help if you tell him. Don’t worry about offending them. Dentists won’t take your fears personally; they want to help.

Mystery of Dental Procedures 

The sounds and sensations of dental tools are unpleasant, and Chicago dentists know their tools can inspire creativity. Anxiety-free dentistry in Chicago will help get rid of dental fears and anxieties. They’ll let you touch the instruments and ask questions. Dental knowledge can reduce dental stress.

Block Discomfort

Knowing what’s happening won’t eliminate dental anxiety, though. In many cases, you should also cover your eyes and ears. Audio/video distractions are common at Lakeshore Dental Studio. With headphones and a ceiling-mounted screen, you can ignore dental work.

Sedation Dentistry Calms Fears

Information and distraction help dental fears, but not phobias. Sedation dentistry can effectively treat phobias. Mild sedatives are used for sedation dentistry. 

Available Sedatives:

  • Oral sedatives are popular. A half-hour before the procedure, take the sedative. You won’t be unconscious, but you’ll remember the details later. You’ll need a ride to and from the dentist for safety. 
  • “Laughing gas” is another sedative. The Chicago dentist supervises the inhalation. Like oral sedation, nitrous oxide induces relaxation without unconsciousness. 
  • Third, IV sedation. Intravenous sedation is a fast-acting, powerful option for dental phobias. IV sedation isn’t for needle-phobic.

Anesthesia vs. Sedatives

Most dental procedures require you to be awake and follow simple instructions. So dental surgery almost always uses general anesthesia, which renders the patient unconscious.

Sedation doesn’t dull pain. After the sedative takes effect, a local anesthetic will be injected. Do not fear needles. Sedation reduces anxiety.

Dental Cost Anxiety

Even if you’re comfortable visiting the dentist, you may worry about costs. A dental discount plan can reduce dental anxiety.

Help is available for dental phobias. Visit us at Lakeshore Dental Studio in Chicago, IL, to learn comfort strategies.