All On X Implants with a Zirconia Bridge

This patient came to use wishing to be able to smile confidently and eat his favorite foods. He had numerous missing teeth and infected teeth. We were able to remove all his teeth, place implants and he left the same day with a temporary non removable bridge. 3 months later after complete healing he had this beautiful zirconia bridge made and he is ecstatic with the results.

All On X Implants with a Zirconia Bridge

This patient came to us with missing and loose teeth. He also had sleep apnea and was told he needed non removable teeth to fit a sleep appliance. We were able to remove his teeth, place implants and have him leave with a non removable bridge. 3 months after healing he had a beautiful zirconia bridge made. He is happy with the results and his overall health has improved now that he can use his sleep appliance.

Clear Aligners

This patient was always self-conscious of the crowding on her front top teeth, but very happy with the results of her front teeth getting ideally straightened.

Anterior Implant

This is a patient of ours who lost his front tooth due to trauma and needed an implant to give him his smile back. We were able to have his implant placed and then after a couple months he was able to get his porcelain crown which matched perfectly with the rest of his teeth. He is very happy with the results and able to smile confidently and eat with his front teeth again.

Clear Aligners

Our patient came to us self-conscious about the crowding of their front teeth. They had clear alignment done in the past but did not get the results they desired. With our clear aligner treatment, we were able to straighten the front teeth and give them the smile they always wanted in just 9-12 months, they were very pleased with the results.

Smile Makeover (Crowns And Veneers)

From Stained and Decaying to Symmetrical and Beautiful! Our patient had a bad gag reflex, making previous treatment difficult, but thanks to our state-of-the-art digital technology, we were able to achieve a long-lasting, symmetrical smile. Say goodbye to constant filling replacements and hello to a stunning new smile!

Clear Aligners

Transforming Smiles, One Clear Aligner at a Time! Our patient came to us self-conscious about a gap in her front teeth. With our clear aligner treatment, we were able to close the gap and give her the smile she always wanted in just 6-9 months. Witness the power of modern orthodontics and unlock your smile's full potential with us!


Revitalizing Smiles with Natural-Looking Veneers! Our patient came to us unhappy with his veneers that were done 25 years ago, which appeared too bright and artificial due to the limited technology available at that time. With our advanced materials and techniques, we were able to provide him with a more natural-looking smile by adding veneers on each side and adjusting his bite for long-term functionality. See the difference that quality veneers can make and let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Smile Makeover (Crowns And Veneers)

The patient came to Lakeshore Dental Studio looking for help with tooth discoloration. She suffered from discoloration in her upper and lower teeth, which led to a lack of confidence. This dental condition affected her whole life, and she was ready to make a change. Our dentists assessed her situation and decided to give her a smile makeover. Porcelain crowns and veneers were used, which changed her smile. She walked out of her dental office with a confident smile. She is happy with her experience at Lakeshore Dental Studio and was pleased with how Dr. Kella and his team made her feel comfortable throughout the surgeries.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patient presented with worn and missing teeth, unable to chew food for years due to his teeth being worn away and was painful to eat. His main goal was having natural looking teeth that were strong so he could enjoy eating his favourite foods again. He was super happy with the result and even more impressed with esthetic appearance as that was not his main concern. He can eat comfortably now.

Single Tooth Implant

This patient came to us with a lower infected tooth. He was very anxious as it had been years since his last checkup. After meeting the team, he became comfortable with us and we were able to address his periodontal disease first. Next, we removed the infected tooth and replaced it with an implant placed by Dr. Kella. After a few months of healing, the crown for the implant was placed, completing his smile. Now, the patient is very pleased with his appearance. He smiles with pride and eats all of his favorite foods!

Implant Case

This patient came to us in search of a solution that would restore the health of his mouth and help him eat normally again. He understood his teeth were in bad condition and was ready to make a change once he felt comfortable with our proposed treatment plan. We worked with him to develop a plan that not only addressed his cosmetic and functional issues, but also stayed within his budget. We decided on a hybrid plan that would allow us to place a traditional denture on his upper arch and implant retained dentures on the lower arch. The implants provided added stability to allow him to bite and chew with confidence. He was very pleased with the results and now, is getting many compliments from his friends and family.

Cosmetic Porcelain Crowns

This patient came to us after going years without dental care. He was experiencing a lot of tooth decay and gum issues because of lack of care. He was also looking for a dental practice where he felt comfortable and a dentist who was willing to work with him. His primary concern was his front teeth — he wanted to be able to smile confidently. After a few initial visits, he felt comfortable with our team. We were even able to work with him on a payment plan to ease his financial concerns. We are excited to report that he was very pleased with his results.

Cosmetic Bonding - Bioclear Method

This patient came to us with spacing between all his front teeth and wished to have them closed. He could not afford veneers and he did not want any drilling on his teeth. We were able to use the bioclear bonding method to non invasively close the gaps between his teeth. He was very happy with the results of the bioclear bonding.