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She shares her experience with bite realignment. In just six months, she achieved impressive results with clear aligners, boosting her confidence in her beautiful smile. Bridget also underwent the annual checkup, which included flossing, cleaning, and everything, after which she realized she needs to improve her bite.
"My upper anterior teeth were discolored which gave me a lack of confidence all the time. I am satisfied with the way Dr.Kapil Kella treated me and delighted with the overall outcome."
"I have my new implants put in, and they are put in perfectly. Dr. Kella is a perfectionist! Check out my new smile"
"I've always felt safe and taken care of, even more so during this pandemic"
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"Everything went great.. got to watch some TV and relax"
"He takes care of me... The dentist is really great!"
"They are amazing, wonderful... Tend to every need that I have"
"The whole experience of just being here is so nice"
"Dr. Kella is fantastic. He answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed."
"My experience at Lakeshore Dental has always been exceptional"