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Now is the perfect opportunity to align your teeth using the most advanced clear aligner available. Our office is delighted to offer Invisalign clear aligners, a certified solution that provides a clear, convenient, and comfortable way to attain the smile you've always desired.

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Why choose Invisalign treatment?

Accelerated treatment: Change aligners weekly for faster results. Changes may be extended for adults.

Invisalign aligners improve tooth movement with SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features.

SmartTrack aligners: improved fit, comfort, precise application and removal.

Invisalign clear aligners treat teeth-straightening conditions effectively.

Invisalign trays are comfy, convenient, and removable. Enjoy oral hygiene and favorite foods freely!

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, making it unlikely for others to notice your treatment.

Invisalign treatment is convenient with office visits every six weeks.

The Process of Invisalign Treatment


First Consultation

During your first consultation, we will address your orthodontic requirements and assess if Invisalign treatment is suitable for you.


Here is your personalized treatment plan

We'll use a scanner like iTero® to quickly create accurate 3D digital images of your teeth. Then, we'll create a detailed treatment plan that includes the specific adjustments your teeth will go through and how long the treatment will take. You'll also get to see how your teeth will move and preview your future smile.


Here are your Invisalign Clear Aligners.

Your aligners will be crafted from Invisalign's exclusive SmartTrack® material, ensuring they are nearly undetectable to others while straightening your teeth. To achieve optimal results, wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily, removing them solely for eating, brushing, and flossing.


Here is an update on your progress.

As you put on each set of aligners, your teeth will gradually and gently move into their proper position. We might suggest that you start using a new set of aligners every week and arrange checkups approximately every six weeks.


Caring for Your Freshly Acquired Smile

After you finish your treatment, don't forget to inquire about the Vivera® retainer. These retainers are personalized using advanced technology, just like Invisalign clear aligners. If you want to know more about the Invisalign system and explore your orthodontic treatment choices, feel free to schedule an appointment at our office. We are excited to meet you and assist you in achieving a smile that is designed to be dynamic!