Most Common Dental Emergencies

Most Common Dental Emergencies

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May 24, 2019

Let’s face it: dental emergencies happen. From the occasional toothache to knocking a tooth out completely, it’s important to prepare for any type of dental emergency that may arise. Below are common dental emergencies and what to do if they happen.

1. Toothaches

Toothaches don’t just affect your mood—they can actually indicate a much more serious issue: For example, an infection in the root of your tooth or your wisdom teeth coming in. If you have swelling and bleeding gums along with your toothache, it could be a sign of gum disease, which is caused by plaque and bacteria buildup under the gum line.


  • Regular and proper brushing and flossing twice per day are the best ways to prevent gum disease and save yourself from tooth decay and pain down the line.

–Dental Treatment:

  • It’s always a good idea to visit your dentist at the first signs of a toothache so that they can thoroughly examine your affected tooth and determine the cause of your toothache.

2. Chipped, Broken, and Knocked Out Teeth

Maybe you were playing a sport or were just plain clumsy. Whatever the cause of a chipped, broken, or dislodged tooth, it’s important to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible so that you don’t make matters worse or develop an infection.


  • We can create a mouthguard to help you prevent injury or damage to your teeth while playing sports.

–Dental Treatment:

  • If you’ve knocked out your tooth, don’t worry: try to preserve the tooth in a cold glass of milk before you see your Andersonville dentist and they may be able to pop it back in if you see them within an hour of losing it. If not, know that there are plenty of great and affordable tooth replacement options available that are natural looking and functional. Lakeshore Dental Studio offers veneers, bonding, crowns, bridges, implants, and many more services to help!

3. Injury to Mouth, Tongue, or Jaw

If you think you’ve hurt your mouth, tongue, or jaw, see your dentist right away.

–Dental Treatment:

  • Your dentist will take X-rays of the problem areas and recommend the best next steps.

If you happen to have a dental emergency in the future, don’t panic. Call our office ASAP and we’ll do our best to accommodate you right away. And don’t forget to set up twice yearly examinations in order to keep your dental health in tip-top condition.

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