Peirce Pre-K Field trip to Lakeshore Dental Studio!

Peirce Pre-K Field trip to Lakeshore Dental Studio!

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July 13, 2019

Peirce Pre-K Field trip to Lakeshore Dental Studio!

Peirce Pre-K

Talk about fun! The Pre-K class at Peirce came to visit Lakeshore Dental Studio to see what a visit to the dentist is like. They toured the office, learned how we treat cavities, and even practiced placing fillings on models!?? They also got to treat “patients” (our very cooperative team

) by putting fluoride on their teeth. They did such a great job! I think there might be some future dentists in the group!

During the visit, we explained why it is so important to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lives and how they can do that. We talked about flossing, brushing, eating healthy foods, and of course regular visits to the dentist.

Not only did the kids enjoy themselves, but it was essential for us to make a good impression of the dentist. Although Dr. Kella recommends parents to schedule their child’s first dentist appointment when their first teeth erupt, it was our goal to ensure they had a fun visit so that next time they will know what to expect.

Most kids that come into the office are afraid of exactly that: not knowing, which is precisely why Lakeshore Dental Studio focuses on explaining everything, especially when we have a child in the chair. We do this by allowing the patient to use their senses to understand everything. We let them see pictures of their cavities on a T.V. screen in front of them; we let them feel the suction that we will use during their procedure, we use flavored polishing paste so even though the paste is unfamiliar to them, the flavor isn’t. It is all about being transparent and ensuring the patient that there is nothing to be scared of since they know exactly what is happening at all times.

Thank you again to all the Peirce students that visited us! We had as much fun as the students (if not more!) and loved seeing them eager to learn about maintaining oral health. You are all welcome back anytime!

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