What Are The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry?

By Lakeshore Dental Studio

There are several reasons to discuss sedation dentistry with your dentist. It can help alleviate your worries and frustrations, whether you’re anxious about a procedure or concerned that it’ll be difficult, and ultimately make your next dental visit more pleasant. We have come up with the benefits of sedation dentistry in this blog. So, if the very thought of visiting a dentist makes you anxious, going through the sections below can be of practical help. 

It Can Help To Get Rid Of Dental Anxiety

Dental phobia and anxiety are real medical concerns. Almost 60% of people worldwide acknowledge having some kind of dental phobia. Most people fail to realize that they have dental phobia. Others are a little anxious about future dental visits because of unpleasant dental experiences in the past. Not addressing the problem of dental anxiety can lead to the patient skipping dental visits, which ultimately takes a toll on their dental health. 

The main advantage of dental sedation is the ability to make you more relaxed before, during, and after your procedure. This makes you more comfortable so that you can seamlessly receive treatment. Naturally, you’ll want something to overcome your fear of the dentist to maintain your oral health. 

It Helps To Lessen The Discomfort

Patients who need significant dental work should inquire about sedation options because it might keep them at ease and relaxed throughout the lengthy dental procedures. So, do not hesitate to discuss this with your dentist before the treatment. 

You may become tense when you expect to be in pain. Dental sedation can help patients who have low pain thresholds, weak gag reflexes, or sensitive teeth. Additionally, using dental sedation options can definitely lessen the discomfort and help you relax during the procedure. 

There Are Numerous Options Available

The kind of sedation used is usually determined by your worries, fears, and the type of dental treatment you are undergoing. Laughing gas is a better option than IV or oral sedation if you’re concerned about feeling overly drowsy. However, IV sedation is preferable if you experience extreme anxiety before dental treatments. Fortunately, you have various options to select from so that you experience the maximum level of comfort during your upcoming dental appointment. The three common types of sedation dentistry options are:

  • Laughing Gas – This is the most common kind of dental sedation. The most popular kind of dental sedation is this one. The patient will be given a mask over their nose and instructed to breathe normally before the treatment. Laughing gas works swiftly to reduce anxiety, calms the patient before the treatment, and increase pain tolerance. But, you need to know that this wears off quickly as well.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – Patients who choose oral sedation take a prescribed pill an hour before the treatment to help them feel less anxious. This will help make them feel less anxious and prepare them for the treatment. The patients are awake and alert yet drowsy during the procedure.
  • IV Sedation – Anxiety and discomfort can be further reduced by intravenous (IV) sedation which is commonly referred to as conscious sedation. A board-certified anesthesiologist will sedate the patient during IV sedation. It begins to work quickly as the drug reaches the bloodstream. Patients who receive IV sedation will still be conscious but will be substantially less alert during the treatment procedure.

It Is Absolutely Safe

Sedation dentistry is absolutely safe if the process is performed under the supervision of a trained dental professional. The majority of dentists receive training on how to use laughing gas. However, dental health care workers need extra training to deliver oral and IV sedation. This indicates that you will be in capable hands with a reputable and well-trained expert.

We hope going through this blog has helped you know why sedation dentistry is vital in providing anxiety-free dental care. Here at Lakeshore Dental Studio, we offer top-quality dental treatments in Chicago, IL. Our team of dentists and other dental professionals put in every effort to make the treatment process as hassle-free as possible. So, if you suffer from the problem of dental anxiety but need to undergo a dental treatment procedure, do not hesitate to book an appointment with Lakeshore Dental Studio.